Designed and built by Ron Bishop the lodge is a place or refuge and relaxation. The craftsmanship is only eclipsed by the warmth of the fire.


NIle and DWAYNE relaxing after a long day

NIle and DWAYNE relaxing after a long day

There have been quite a few stories told in the main cabin, and even more in the surrounding hills. some stories are brought in and others are created here. No matter what story is told everyone enjoys themselves.

The main cabin is a wonderfully scribed log cabin built from local spruce. The decor changes with the ebb and flow of the seasons and patrons but the charm and comfort always remain. 




In addition to the main lodge, 4 other cabins rest on the site. Three of the cabins are from the 1940's and one is a 1990's log cabin, pictured above.  

Two of the Mining era cabins have been restored and are in the vintage condition, with the addition of some modern conveniences such as propane lights and cooking abilities.

the only running water on the premises is the year round accessible caribou creek.    



$125/Night* rates adjustable based on activity and accomodation. 

MAIN – 2 Story Log
Guests – 2-5 

SOURDOUGH – Single Story Log Cabin
Guests –  2 Bunks

LONE WOLF – Two Room Frame
Guests– 4 Bunks

GRIZZLY – One Room
Guests– 2 Bunks


Wood Stove
Propane Cooking
Propane Lights
Full Kitchen (Main Cabin)